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Welding Definition and Applications

Welding is the dominant method of joining parts in the manufacturing industry. Welding definition described as:

Welding is a material joining process in which two or more parts combined at their contacting surfaces through a suitable application of pressure and/ or heat.

We can also describe welding definition as:

It is the permanent joining of two materials, usually metals, by coalescence which induced by a combination of pressure, temperature, and metallurgical conditions.

In simple words, we can say,

Process of joining two similar or dissimilar metals by fusions, with or without application of pressure/heat and with or without the use of filler metal, called welding.

There many types of welding processes used in the industry. Many welding processes accomplished through heat alone without the application of pressure. Some welding processes accomplished through the combination of heat and pressure and some processes use only pressure. Filler material uses in some welding processes to facilitate welding joint and also increases the weld strength. Welding mostly used for metals but also used for plastics. Its commercial and technological importance derives from the following points:

  • Welding provides permanent joint. The welded parts become a single unit/part.
  • If proper welding techniques and filler metal used for welding than welded joint can be stronger than the parent materials.
  • In terms of material usage and fabrication costs, welding is the most economical way to join components. Alternative mechanical methods of assembly require more complex shapes and additional fasteners like drilling of holes, rivets, nut, and bolts.
  • Welding is not restricted to the factory environment. It can be accomplished in the field.

Applications of Welding:

The principal applications of the welding are the following:

  • Use in construction of buildings and bridges
  • Piping, boilers, pressure vessels and storage tanks
  • Shipbuilding (shell frames, deck beams, bulkhead stiffeners)
  • Aircraft and aerospace
  • Automotive and Railroads
  • Trucks and Trailers
  • Machine tool frames and cutting tools
  • Moving machinery and cranes

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