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HVAC Economizer in Rooftop

HVAC Economizer in Rooftop:

Nowadays HVAC Economizer plays an important role in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) cycle. To maintain building temperature, we need proper ventilation and cooling/ heating systems. For this purpose air conditions and air handling units are used. These units have heavy electric loads and increase the operating cost of HVAC units. If you are interested to save energy in terms of electricity then the economizer is much suitable for this purpose.

“HVAC economizer is a device that uses cool air from outside of a building to cool or maintain the temperature inside the building with maximum energy saving.”

How Economizer Save Energy:

Almost 60% of electricity (energy) saved with the help of this device. This device is not suitable for those countries that have a hot and humid climate. It is used as an airside type or waterside type. In the airside type, it uses fresh cool air from outside the building to cool the building inside. On the other hand, natural cooled air used to cool the water (cooling tower). HVAC economizer consists of return air dampers, supply air dampers, motorized actuators, heating and cooling coils, temperature sensors, and logic controls.

The economizer reduces the compressor operating time. Logic controller and outside temperature sensor decide the compressor and economizer operation. Motorized actuators receive the signal from logic control to open and shut the outside air dampers. When the outside conditions suitable (temperature and humidity in the required limit), outside air damper open. The logic controller also shuts the air conditioning compressor and reduces electric charges. If the outside temperature is too hot and did not provide cooling then the logic controller opens the return air damper and also starts the compressor.

HVAC Economizer in rooftop
HVAC Economizer

Therefore, controlling of compressor operating time reduces the electric consumption and provides major energy-saving factor in HVAC. In winter season when outside air humidity high, outside air damper, close and allow only 10 to 20% fresh airs depending on the building ventilation.

Installation of HVAC Economizer:

The installation of the HVAC economizer in the rooftop is very easy. These devices have moderate sizes and no need for additional structural or mechanical work. So, if you are still using the HVAC unit without an economizer, then install this device. Energy-saving and money-saving both are the major advantages of this device.

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