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Essentials of a good boiler

Essentials of a good boiler:

A boiler is a closed vessel in which water converted into steam through the application of heat. Usually, boilers are coal or oil fired. A good boiler has some basic fundamentals/Essentials to minimize maintenance cost as well as operational cost. Essentials of a good boiler also play an important role to avoid/ minimize boiler accidents. These essentials of a good boiler are as following:

1. Produce maximum quantity of steam with minimum consumption of fuel.

2. Economical to install

3.Requires little consideration during operation of the boiler or has lesser troubles

4.Meet rapid load fluctuation or load variation

5.Quick and easy to start

6. The boiler must be light in weight

7.Occupy small space

8.Less requisite of Blowdown

9.Maximum operational safety/ Safe under the operating condition

10. Maintenance of the boiler should be easy and cheap

11. Joints and all parts of the boiler should be few and easily approachable for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning.

12. Mud, deposits and other wastage must collect other suitable places according to boiler design instead of heating plates.

13. Minimum usage of Refractory material but this refractory material must be adequate to safe easy ignition or explosion and smokeless combustion.

14. Water and flue gas circuit must have the maximum velocity of fluids (liquid & gaseous) with minimum frictional losses.

15. Boiler tubes should not accumulate soot or water deposits.

16. Boiler tubes have sufficient margin of strength to allow for wear or corrosion.

17. The boiler must comply with safety regulations or safety principles as placed down in the boiler act.

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