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Centrifugal Pump Parts and functions

Centrifugal Pump Parts:

Centrifugal pump commonly uses for the industrial purpose. The Centrifugal pump Parts play an important role in the centrifugal pump safe operation. Some of the Centrifugal pump Parts are discussing below.


The outer shell of the pump that protects components from the outside elements is call pump casing. The Casing contains/hold the liquid and act as a pressure vessel which directs the flow of liquid in and out of the centrifugal pump.


The impeller is a rotating disc with a set of vanes coupled with the shaft. It uses as a primary source for pumping action. Impeller increased the kinetic energy of the fluid (Liquid/Gas).

Pump Shaft/Rotor:

Pump impeller attached with the shaft. The Shaft is a mechanical component/ arrangement that transmits torque from the motor to the pump impeller.


The bearing is mechanical support that allows continuous rotation of the pump impeller with minimum frictional losses. It also provides support to the shaft as well as keeps the pump shaft aligned.

Wearing Rings:

Wearing rings are replaceable rings. These rings attached to the pump casing or impeller. It allows a small running clearance between the pump casing and impeller to minimize or without causing wear of the pump casing and impeller material. These rings replaced periodically during the life of a pump. After replacing these rings after a specific period of time, we can prevent the more costly replacement or wear of the impeller or the pump casing.

Stuffing Box:

Centrifugal Pump must be designed properly to control the amount of liquid that leaks along the pump shaft at the point where the pump shaft penetrates the casing. Different sealing methods are used to prevent the leakages at the point where the shaft penetrates in the pump casing. These sealing methods depend on the size of the pump, temperature, and pressure of the fluid (liquid/gas) and the physical and chemical properties of the fluid.  One of the commonly used methods for shaft sealing is Stuffing box.

The Stuffing box is a cylinder-shaped space in the pump casing around the pump shaft. Rings of packing materials are used in the stuffing box space. Packing is a material in the form of rings or threads which is placed in the stuffing box and makes a seal to control the leakage rate beside the shaft where the shaft enters in the pump casing. Stuffing box allows a small amount of leakage along the shaft to provide cooling and lubrication to the packing to avoid damaging of packing material due to temperature. Leakage rate along the shaft adjusted through loosening and tightening of the gland packing.

Centrifugal Pump Parts
Centrifugal Pump Parts

Lantern Ring:

When pump suction is under vacuum (Pump take suction from condenser), external leakage is possible or when the working fluid is excessively hot to provide satisfactory cooling and lubrication to the packing then stuffing box not used. In these conditions, a lantern ring use to provide for cooling of packing.

Lantern ring is a perforated hollow ring located near the center of the stuffing box which receives relatively cool, clean liquid from an external source or from the discharge of the pump and provide cooling and lubrication around the shaft or seal the joints between shaft and packing where suction pressure is less than atmospheric pressure to ingress the air.

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