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Arc welding Definition |Basics and equipment

 Arc welding definition can be described as: “Arc welding (AW) is a fusion welding process in which heat produced with the help of electric arc between the electrode and workpiece to join metal parts”. An electric arc is the discharge of electric current through a gap in a circuit (a …

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Brazing-How to braze metals


“Permanent joining of similar or dissimilar metals or ceramics through the use of heat and filler metal is called brazing. The melting temperature of filler metal is above 4500C (8420F) but below the melting point of materials to be joined.” In brazing joined, metal surface first cleaned. Then the components …

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Different Types of Welding Processes

Types of Welding Process

Different types of welding processes used in all over the world. More than 50 different types of welding operation have categorized by the American Welding Society (AWS). We can divide all those welding processes into two major groups’ fusion and solid state welding. 1. Fusion Welding Fusion welding further classified …

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Welding Definition and Applications

Welding Definition

Welding is the dominant method of joining parts in the manufacturing industry. Welding definition described as: “Welding is a material joining process in which two or more parts combined at their contacting surfaces through a suitable application of pressure and/ or heat”. We can also describe welding definition as: “It …

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