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Boiler definition and Working

Boiler Definition:

A boiler is a closed vessel uses to create steam under specific pressure by applying heat energy to water.


A boiler is a closed vessel in which water or other fluid (liquid/gas) is heated. The heated or vaporized fluid exit the boiler for use in various processes or heating applications.

Its function is to transfer the heat produced during the combustion of fuel to water and ultimately generate steam. This produced steam is used in various industrial processes (cotton mills, sugar factories and breweries), power generation, and steam engines. Also, use for the producing of hot water which further used for heating installations at much lower pressure. There are many types of boiler uses for different industrial/ domestic purposes.

It is also known as a steam generator. A steam generator uses vessel drum call a semi-flash steam generator. In this type of steam generator, drum provides sufficient space for the circulation of water. This space also uses for steam storage and steam separation from water. The steam generator in which there is no steam space, only tube bundles to produce steam are the flash type steam generator.


Its working is very simple to understand. Pressure cooker used for the domestic purpose is one of the simple examples of a boiler. Water enters in the shell through a feedwater pump (BFWP) at a specific pressure. This feed water gain heats through the combustion of fuel. Combustion takes place in the combustion chamber. A combustion chamber is a space below the shell where fuel burns in order to produce steam from the water contained in the shell.  Thermal energy released during combustion of fuel transmits to feed water, which evaporates and convert into steam at the desired pressure and temperature. There are many types of Accessories and Mountings use for its safe operation.

Boiler Definition and Working


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