Boiler Explosion Causes and Preventions

Boiler Explosion

Boiler Explosion Causes: Boiler explosion occurs not only due to boiler accidents. Many other factors involved in a boiler explosion. Some of the main boiler explosion causes are the following: Design faults Construction faults Corrosion Unskilled boiler attendant Improper water treatment Boiler pressure increases from design pressure Overheating of tubes …

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Arc welding Definition |Basics and equipment

 Arc welding definition can be described as: “Arc welding (AW) is a fusion welding process in which heat produced with the help of electric arc between the electrode and workpiece to join metal parts”. An electric arc is the discharge of electric current through a gap in a circuit (a …

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Fire tube boiler vs Water tube boiler

Difference between fire tube boiler and water tube boiler

Fire tube boiler vs Water tube boiler Boiler is a closed vessel used to produce steam. Industrial boilers mainly can be classified as a fire tube and water tube boilers. The difference between fire tube boiler and water tube boiler depends on many factors. These factors include mode of firing, …

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Brazing-How to braze metals


“Permanent joining of similar or dissimilar metals or ceramics through the use of heat and filler metal is called brazing. The melting temperature of filler metal is above 4500C (8420F) but below the melting point of materials to be joined.” In brazing joined, metal surface first cleaned. Then the components …

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Classification and Types of Pumps

Classification of pumps

The pump is a mechanical device used for raising liquid from lower level to higher level. This is achieved by creating low pressure at the pump inlet and high pressure at the pump outlet. Due to low inlet pressure, the liquid rises from where it is available. High outlet pressure …

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Different Types of Welding Processes

Types of Welding Process

Different types of welding processes used in all over the world. More than 50 different types of welding operation have categorized by the American Welding Society (AWS). We can divide all those welding processes into two major groups’ fusion and solid state welding. 1. Fusion Welding Fusion welding further classified …

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Welding Definition and Applications

Welding Definition

Welding is the dominant method of joining parts in the manufacturing industry. Welding definition described as: “Welding is a material joining process in which two or more parts combined at their contacting surfaces through a suitable application of pressure and/ or heat”. We can also describe welding definition as: “It …

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NPSH of Pump


In a centrifugal pump, the pressure of the fluid at all points within the pump must remain above saturation pressure. Otherwise, cavitation occurs in the pump. Net positive suction head (NPSH) determines the adequate pressure of the fluid to avoid cavitation. The total suction head in meters absolute determined at …

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Boiler Accessories and their functions

Boiler Accessories

The devices used in a Boiler as an integral part and help to run the Boiler efficiently are called  Boiler Accessories. Boiler accessories are optional in a boiler. Without Accessories, the boiler can produce steam with low efficiency. To increase the efficiency of the boiler, accessories are used. Boiler Accessories …

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Boiler Mountings and their functions

Boiler Mountings

Fittings on a Boiler which are required for its safe and efficient operation are called boiler mountings.  Mountings directly fitted with boiler and designer also provide specific space/area for specific mounting. A boiler cannot be operated without mountings. There are many types of boiler mountings, following are some important boiler …

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