HVAC Economizer in Rooftop

HVAC Economizer in Rooftop: Nowadays HVAC Economizer plays an important role in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) cycle. To maintain building temperature, we need proper ventilation and cooling/ heating systems. For this purpose air conditions and air handling units are used. These units have heavy electric loads and increase …

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Rotary Vane Pump

Rotary Vane Pump Working Principle A rotary vane pump is a positive displacement pump. The rotary vane Vacuum pump is the other well-known name of the rotary vane pump. These pumps consist of a slotted rotor splendid to the drive shaft which rotates inside a cam ring in a pump …

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Water-tube boiler parts and Working Principle

Water Tube Boiler Diagram

In this article, we will learn about the High-Pressure water tube boiler definition, parts, and their functions, water tube boiler working principle and applications. Water-tube boiler Definition: A closed vessel in which water flowing inside the tubes and hot flue gas pass outside the tube is called a water tube …

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Boiler Economizer |HVAC Economizers

Boiler Economizer Diagram

The heat carried away through the flue gases from a boiler is very high. This flue gases thermal energy utilized to heat the feed water. Feedwater temperature increases with heat transfer from flue gases. “Therefore, a device use to heat the feed water with the help of exhaust flue gases …

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Welding Defects Causes and Remedies

Welding Defects Types

Welding is a permanent fastener and uses in many manufacturing processes. During welding, a welder faces many welding defects. These welding defects weaken the strength of the weld and also affect the beauty of joints. In addition to residual stresses and distortion in the final assembly, some of the other …

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What is Weldability|Factor Affecting Weldability

Weldability of metals

Weldability also is known as joinability. Weldability is the capacity of metal or combination of metals to be welded into a suitably designed structure. As the resulting weld joints to keep the required metallurgical properties to perform adequately in the proposed service. Weldability simply is the measure of how easy …

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Boiler Explosion Causes and Preventions

Boiler Explosion

Boiler Explosion Causes: Boiler explosion occurs not only due to boiler accidents. Many other factors involved in a boiler explosion. Some of the main boiler explosion causes are the following: Design faults Construction faults Corrosion Unskilled boiler attendant Improper water treatment Boiler pressure increases from design pressure Overheating of tubes …

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Arc welding Definition |Basics and equipment

Arc welding diagram

 Arc welding definition can be described as: “Arc welding (AW) is a fusion welding process in which heat produced with the help of electric arc between the electrode and workpiece to join metal parts”. An electric arc is the discharge of electric current through a gap in a circuit (a …

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Fire tube boiler vs Water tube boiler

Difference between fire tube boiler and water tube boiler

Fire tube boiler vs Water tube boiler Boiler is a closed vessel used to produce steam. Industrial boilers mainly can be classified as a fire tube and water tube boilers. The difference between fire tube boiler and water tube boiler depends on many factors. These factors include mode of firing, …

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Brazing definition and How to braze metals

How to braze metals

Brazing definition describes as: “Permanent joining of similar or dissimilar metals or ceramics through the use of heat and filler metal is called brazing.” The melting temperature of filler metal is above 4500C (8420F) but below the melting point of materials to be joined.” In brazing joined, metal surface first …

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